News: Self-Driving Race Car Successfully Completes Full-Speed Lap

Self-Driving Race Car Successfully Completes Full-Speed Lap

In a recently released video, it was revealed that Formula-E's partner Roborace has developed a driverless race car that can complete laps at full racing speed.

Roborace tested out its DevBot — an autonomous electric race car — on the Formula-E track in Berlin. The car completed laps at multiple speeds, maxing out at 124 miles-per-hour with no driver in the car. Roborace has clearly put a lot of work into the electric race car since past trials, as it has previously crashed on comparable tracks.

The car's max speed is incredibly important, considering that a standard Formula-E car maxes out at 140 miles-per-hour. The completion of this full-speed lap is a strong indicator that driverless race cars are not so far away.

A video displaying the interior of the car allows us to view the vehicle's cockpit as it accomplishes this great feat.

In the video, you can see the car brake and accelerate pretty smoothly. While its turns leave room for improvement, it successfully completed a lap at full speed without crashing. That's definitely more than I could do.

The development of autonomous race cars has been ongoing since Formula E announced that they would be developing the world's first autonomous race cars back in 2015. However, Roborace didn't reveal the DevBot until this past August. This project has been in the works for the past few years, and it's astounding to see how far it has come.

Cover image via Roborace/YouTube

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