News: Mercedes Is Bringing New & Updated Advanced Driver Assistance Features to the 2018 S-Class

Mercedes Is Bringing New & Updated Advanced Driver Assistance Features to the 2018 S-Class

While not quite a true self-driving car, Mercedes is gearing to release a vehicle with a plethora of assistive-driving features, some that might have you excited about what autonomous vehicles can do in the future.

Mercedes-Benz's updated S-Class vehicles, to be revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month, and released in the fall of this year, will be able to assist drivers in new ways.

The vehicles will be able to adjust speed depending on the situation, such as slowing down for a toll booth or bends and intersections, then speeding up again on its own. This is, in part, thanks to new camera and radar systems built into the vehicles, as well as giving the cars accessibility to the satellite navigation, allowing the cars to, for lack of a better phrase, "read the map."

Also, the S-Class vehicles will have updated features for changing lanes automatically, as well as reading and following speed limits signs. It will be able to drive through stop-and-go traffic, and perform all the other tasks previous S-Class vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems.

Image by Mercedes-Benz/Twitter

What sounds most fun of all is the ability for the car to park itself with a smartphone app. No longer will you have to worry about encroaching on someone else's parking spot—this application, if done right, should result you perfect parking every time. This remote parking feature is already included on the E-Class vehicles.

It's important to note that while Mercedes is calling these features "self-driving," it is not. You cannot operate this vehicle without staying focused on the road and keeping your hands on the steering wheel. As fun as this car sounds, it's no autonomous vehicle; you still have to look up and ahead, just like everyone else. (At least, for now.)

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Cover image via Mercedes-Benz/Twitter

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