Forum Thread: Why Do We Lean So Much on External Objects for Happiness?

Initiative Q In my lifetime, I saw all these inventions:
b & w tv
colour tv
mobile phone
smart phone
driverless car

None of these have given me permanent happiness.
Does it not follow that any future invention - AI or robots or whatever - will not either?

NUTRA THRIVE No denying they are conveniences, but we get used to all and start expecting more. So fulfillment from these is an impossibility. Is it not time we turned inward and started fixing the defects from within?

Acquisition of wealth, possession of power or beauty, great food/sex or other pleasures...
All have failed to fill the emptiness within us. Why are we still chasing them?
Isn't it time we learned the fallibility of material support?
Update: Noom Diet Plan Greed is an insatiable need for more, where more is never enough.
Aren't we all greedy to fulfill our same desires over and over again? Here too more is never enough.

If 'greed' applies only to accumulation of wealth, what term would you use to describe our never-ending and insatiable slavery to desires?

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